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Orb Alien TechnologyIt’s been a while since I’ve had a remote control toy, but I remember racing a car up and down the street of my old neighborhood. We just had to make sure it didn’t get in the way of traffic. This was long before they had made remote control helicopters (for kids at least), but it was a lot of fun and could keep us entertained for hours.

In the past couple years there has been a boom in RC toys for kids and adults – who doesn’t have someone on their list who doesn’t want one of the RC Helicopters? This year there is a new one on the market by Excalibur – the Orb – Alien Technology!

Orb Alien Technology

Excalibur sent me an Orb to review, the first thing I should mention is this is is safe for ages 8 and up. It is a remote control helicopter but it is in a foam orb enclosure.

The Orb takes 6 AA batteries, which seems like a lot at first. But not only do the batteries control the controller, but it also plugs into the helicopter to charge it completely. When you get the helicopter, you should charge it before trying to fly it. You can try to fly it on a low charge in the helicopter, but it will only get off the ground a couple feet.

Like I had mentioned it had been a long time since I had played with a remote control toy. To say I was out of practice with RC toys would be an understatement. I was able to quickly find the channel the helicopter would respond to, figure out how to get lift, but the hardest thing for me was getting direction once in flight.

The Orb comes with extra propellers in case you happen to break them, and it also comes with a screw driver to change your batteries. The screw driver was a bit too small for the controller in my opinion, but a standard Phillips worked fine.

The best feature of the Orb is since it’s enclosed in the foam orb you can fly it around and it can crash over and over again without breaking (or breaking your items). We were able to fly it through the office and living room and around several breakable items and not lose one! I know a lot of people have a RC helicopter on their holiday shopping list this year – this is a great one for adults and kids!

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