Emilie M bag review

Emilie M Shelly Frame Satchel Product Review

Emilie M Shelly Frame Satchel
A girl will never have enough bags! Just ask any woman in your life and you will she will tell you she will need more. That’s why they make great gift ideas this holiday season.

Earlier in the countdown I told you about the Catherine Tote by Emilie M. This time Emilie M sent me another one of their great bags from their new line to review for the holidays.

Emilie M Shelly Frame Satchel

This time Emilie M sent me their Shelly Frame Satchel purse in Olive and Taupe. This beautiful bag is a bit out of my normal style but has a vintage flair that I love about it. The purse in made of Spazzalatto patent leather and two toned with the main color on the front, back and bottom with the ends in an accented color.

Emilie M Shelly Frame Satchel

The large frame structure not only holds the bags shape but also makes it spacious inside. One main zipper closes the purse completely.

Inside the purse is one large compartment, it does have on zippered pouch on one side and expandable pockets on the other side. The purse will hold just about anything you need it to!

Emilie M Shelly Frame Satchel

While the purse doesn’t look huge when you look at it, it would generally fall into the medium purse range. The overall dimensions of the bag are 15.5″ x 7.5″ x 10″, so it’s not an overwhelming bag in size. But once the frame is open and you put your items in the purse you will notice that it is much larger than you expected.

The Kelly Frame Satchel is not only a beautiful bag but it can easily go from day to night. I love how much it holds and the the versatility of the bag. It is only available as part of the Emilie M Fall and Winter line, so make sure you check it out for this holiday season!

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