Tardis Hand-Crafted Glass Christmas Ornament Review

tardis ornament review

Tardis Ornament

Haven’t you always wanted a TARDIS? I know I have! You could hop on in and travel anywhere in time and space. You could go back to visit the court of Kind Henry the 8th, watch the Mona Lisa be painted or even go to another planet.

There is a lot you could do with a TARDIS. Unfortunately a working one isn’t available yet, so fellow Whovians will continue to dream. As we dream of what it’d be like to go anywhere in time and space, BBC America has created the perfect gift for us all. Exclusively in the BBC America online shop you can find a Glass Tardis Ornament to adorn your Christmas Tree.

BBC Amercia sent me one of the TARDIS Ornaments to review – and I have to admit, that when it arrived I squealed like a little kid. Not only is it beautifully made but it sparkles. I instantly took a picture of it still in the box and posted it to my facebook wall and had friends asking where to get one.

The TARDIS Ornament is styled after European mouth blown glass ornaments. It is hand painted to make sure it has all of the details you want. Yes, every letter and word is done by hand.

Not only is the TARDIS the right blue, inside the door panels and the sides is painted with sparkles in the same blue tone. These really glitter when light hits them and you can imagine how beautiful it is when lit up.

I love the TARDIS ornament. While a real TARDIS is probably far in the future, this is a great way to keep your imagination going. It is meant to be a Christmas Ornament, but could easily be used as a decoration year-round. Hang it from the fan in the office or your room and enjoy your personal TARDIS all year!

You can purchase the Hand-Crafted Glass TARDIS Christmas Ornament Online.

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