DAVID Skincare Set Review

DAVID Skincare Set for the Guys on Your List

DAVID Skincare Set ReviewThere’s no reason the guys in our lives can’t be pampered. Most of the skincare gift sets you’ll find out there are made just for girls, or the few that are made for men have overpowering scents and really are just normal body wash anyhow. This year Menaji released a special skincare set for the men in your life – the David Skincare set has everything a guy may want to keep his skin clear and fresh.

DAVID Skincare Set ReviewWe were sent a DAVID Skincare set to try out, and before I handed it off to my boyfriend I was impressed at the kit in general. Inside the front plastic zipper area were the four bottles of product including the Deep Cleansing Masque, Power Hydrator Aftershave, ClearShave 3 in 1 Formula and 911 Eye Gel. They all were bundled in a small carrying bag, that would be great to keep around for travel even after the products are gone. But my favorite feature was the bag actually unzips into a much larger bag, so it can be used later for ravel or other products.

DAVID Skincare Set ReviewThe David Skincare Kit has been a kit in our house. The ClearShave helps lift facial hair up from his skin before he shaves for a closer and smoother shaving experience, aftershave helps close the pours and the eye gel is being use to help repair any damage from the stress of the rest of the year. None of the products have over powering fragrances and are packaged with labels that are more on the masculine side. But the most important thing that we like about the kit – it’s not only made with guys in mind, but it’s useful, even after the skincare products are gone.

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