Dark Shadows DVD Giveaway!

dark shadows giveaway
Dark shadows
Warner Brother’s is celebrating the release of Dark Shadows on Blu-Ray Combo Pack! It will come out on October 2nd. They’ve even come out with a fun app for you to get ready for the Blu-Ray Combo Pack release!

Use the app below, and take the “Are you Creepy Enough Quiz”. Post your answer then click the button to enter to win a copy of your own!


  1. LOL, i am a child of the LIGHT:
    At the midnight hour you are more likely to be found raiding the fridge for a snack rather than howling at the moon. You’re grounded in reality yet I bet sometimes you linger over to the dark side.
    Red to you probably symbolizes roses…not blood, but a trip to the haunted mansion should not be out of the question. Nevertheless, all beings serve a higher purpose…Barnabas needs you regular humans to feed on 😉
    Thanks for the chance to WIN!


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