Daniel Tiger Visits the Farm in an All New Set of Adventures

daniel tiger daniel visits the farm review

daniel tiger daniel visits the farm reviewLiving in the city and suburbs, sometimes it’s hard to explain to kids just where their favorite foods and animals are from. But PBS Kids found a fun way to introduce some our kids to the farm in their latest DVD release for Daniel Tiger – Daniel Visits the Farm. This 4 episode DVD collection introduces kids to farms, what lives on them and other useful lessons.

PBS sent us a copy of Daniel Visits the Farm before it came out, and it was perfect to share with our younger viewers. The episodes are short (approximately 15 minutes), and teachings kids about different animals, patience, helping others out and other lessons. Your kids will love watching these fun episodes, and they’re ones you wont mind if they watch over and over again.

DANIEL VISITS THE FARM” is available on DVD now! The DVD has a run time of approximately 60 minutes and is rated TV-Y. The stories included on this DVD are below. Episodes of DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD are also available for digital download.

Episodes Include: 

  • Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm” Daniel heads to the Neighborhood Farm where Chrissie is riding a horse. When Chrissie encourages Daniel to take a turn, Daniel is nervous about riding a horse for the very first time. He soon learns that having a friendly hand to hold can help you face your fears!
  • Clean Up Time” Daniel and O the Owl are playing “farm” at Daniel’s house. They are having a lot of fun, but are making quite a mess! After losing his watch in a messy room, Daniel realizes that cleaning up and putting his toys away will help him find it.
  • Daniel Uses His Words” Daniel is playing “farm” today, but when Mom Tiger is cleaning up, she accidentally ruins Daniel’s game. Grr! Mom teaches Daniel to express his feelings so she can understand why he is upset. Once Daniel uses his words, Mom helps him rebuild his farm
  • Margaret’s Bathtime” Daniel is at home playing with his toy horse when Mom asks him to help her give Margaret a bath.  Reluctant at first, Daniel eventually realizes how proud and good it makes him feel to take care of his little sister.


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