Daniel Tiger Goes to School! #Backtoschool

daniel Tiger goes to school review

daniel Tiger goes to school reviewDaniel the Tiger is a favorite for a lot of younger children, and many of those kids are heading to school for the first time. Because they know a lot of their younger viewers may be a little scared to go to school for the first time, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood released a new set of episodes to help Daniel and your little ones with that transition.

PBS Kids sent us a copy of their new DVD Daniel Goes to School, a collection of eight new episodes for your kids to enjoy. All of the episodes in the collection are based around Daniel going to school and his experiences in the classroom. It helps to explain what little ones may experience themselves as they enter the class for the first time. From classroom jobs, to field trips, imagination play and learning how to work as a team to solve a problem, we loved how Daniel first experiences school and there were lessons of kindness and friendship rolled in as well.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Goes to School is now available on DVD. It has a total run time of 100 minutes, and includes:

  • A Trip to the Crayon Factory
  • Be a Vegetable Tester!
  • Line Leader Daniel
  • Problem Solver Daniel
  • The Class Votes
  • O Builds a Tower
  • Play Pretend
  • Safety Patrol


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