Dancing Snoopy Toy Giveaway! #PeanutsMovie @Snoopy #happydance

dancing snoopy toy giveaway

dancing snoopy toy giveaway

With the brand new Peanuts Movie coming to theaters this fall, Peanuts Worldwide has launched a lot of great new toys and merchandise. One of the newest toys is the Dancing Snoopy is heading to Target on August 1st, so you can enjoy it in time for the movie release in November! Peanuts sent us a Dancing Snoopy to check out before they hit stores, and we just had to take him on an adventure!

dancing snoopy toy giveawayUnlike any Snoopy toy in the past, the Dancing Snoopy is ready to dance and for a day of fun! If you squeeze his left paw, he’ll start dancing to the Peanuts theme song, with dancing and ear flips and everything. And if you squeeze his nose, he squawks, howls or even does the Snoopy laugh that we all know so well from the movies and cartoons!

We took our Snoopy on an overnight get away to Frankenmuth, also known as Little Bavaria. As we traveled around not only did he dance his way through the town, but through dinner and even found other Snoopys and Peanuts characters. We had a lot of fun creating our Dancing Snoopy Traveling video, and were asked more than once if we had kidnapped him to take the pictures. Everyone who saw Snoopy in action absolutely loved him and asked where to get their own – quite the statement about the timelessness of Snoopy and the Peanuts brand!

Peanuts is giving one of my readers their own Dancing Snoopy – check out how you can win one below! And don’t forget to check out our video as well :).

dancing snoopy toy reviewHow Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post: Tell me what your favorite part of the Dancing Snoopy is – or where you’d take your Snoopy on an Adventure to! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!


  1. I would give this to my nephew who turns 3 in July, he loves snoopy and is going to have a bday party @ Knott’s brerry farm camp snoopy in July.

  2. All of Snoopy is my favorite part, so cute! I would give this to my disabled brother, and he would probably take it everywhere with him!

  3. I love everything about this Dancing Snoopy! I would give this to mydisabled brother; he loves Snoopy, and would carry this every where with him!

  4. Dancing Snoopy is the bomb! I love his dancing ears. I don’t know if I could bear to give him to my great nice – haha!!

  5. I love all of snoopy he is so cut e and my son loves stuffed animals and takes them everywhere so he would go every where with us.

  6. I love his cute dancing! I’m trying to win this for my disabled brother, he loves Snoopy and would take him everywhere.

  7. Snoopy would be going to the pool and a picnic adventure if he were here today… too bad he is missing it.

  8. If Snoopy were here today he could go on our Adventure to Spinners Park for a craft fair…. hurry Snoopy… you are missing good adventures!

  9. My favorite is all his cute moves, all of Snoopy is so cute! I’d give this to my younger brother, he could take Snoopy everywhere!

  10. I love all of Snoopy’s dancing moves and his cute face. I’d love to win this for my disabled brother – he loves Snoopy and would take him everywhere!

  11. Dancing Snoopy would travel the south when he joined us on our family summer vacation. Oh what adventures he would have!

  12. I love everything about this cute dancing Snoopy. I would give this to my brother, he loves Snoopy. He would take Snoopy with him everywhere.

  13. If Snoopy were here today… he could go with us shopping for the rest of the things we need for the 4th of July party tomorrow…. food, games, fun…. Snoopy, where are you?

  14. My daughter would like the size and of course that Snoopy can move. I’m sure she would take him on an adventure catching fire flies.

  15. So cute! Everything about him is my favorite, his cute face and his dance moves. I would love to give this to my disabled brother who loves Snoopy, and would take him everywhere.

  16. I so love all of Snoppy’s cute moves! I’d love to win this for my disabled brother – who would take Snoopy with him whener he goes!

  17. I love Snoopy’s dance moves! I would so love to get this for my disabled brother. He loves everything about Snoopy and would carry him everywhere he goes.


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