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Dairy Lover’s Giveaway!

Cheese Making Kit

Thanks to the Michigan Dairy News Bureau I’ve learned a lot of information about Michigan Milk products and what goes in them. We learned how to cook with dairy and some great nutrition facts. There are so many benefits to drinking milk and having dairy in your diet. Did you know just by switching a couple drinks out a day to milk you can not only save yourself a ton of calories, but a ton of chemicals and sugar as well. As an added bonus you get more of the nutrients you need too!

You can check out the numbers below with the Rethink your Drink image!

rethink your drink

Check out a larger version of Rethink your Drink below: 

Rethink Your Drink
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Some of those numbers are startling aren’t they? Milk is an essential part of your diet and there are so many ways to incorporate dairy products into your daily meals too!

After our Cooking with Dairy event, Michigan Dairy News sent us all home with a great goody bag – it had in it a cheese (and bread) cutting board made from Michigan Hardwoods, a Cheese Knife and a Cheese Making Kit. I’m so excited to try the cheese making kit – that was on one of my “to do” lists! And the good news for you, they’re letting us give one of these sets away! So be sure to read below how to enter!

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what you find most interesting about the Rethink your Drink image above. If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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30 thoughts on “Dairy Lover’s Giveaway!

  1. I don’t drink soda-regular OR diet, and I don’t drink orange juice. Orange juice has as much sugar as ice cream, so I’ll eat that and get calcium, and take Vitamin C pills on the side.

  2. I drink water only and never milk so after seeing that chart I’m going to try and drink two glasses of milk a day.

  3. The chart was very informative, however I still have a hard time drinking milk. I like it with cereal, but that is about it. When I was pregnant milk was something I NEEDED, but now I am like ehh. It has to be a brand new gallon that has not been in the fridge for more than two days for me to drink it. Water with lemon is still my favorite type of beverage. I feel so invigorated after drinking a nice tall glass. I have not had orange juice in more than 4 months. I stopped buying juice for our family because it is not necessary. Most juices are loaded with sugars, and chemicals. If we want juice I juice it myself. I get plenty of calcium from cheese, and some green veggies.

  4. I was surprised that orange juice didn’t have as many nutrients as I thought. Also, many of the vitamins in milk are added to it, so I don’t know if this is a true comparison. . .

  5. We drink alot of milk in our house, mostly chocolate and rarely have any type of soda. On occasion we will have rootbeer floats when I make pizza and the kids consider it a treat, in which they should. They don’t think of pop as a drink, thankfully!

  6. We do not drink any regular milk in our house. Other than juice we do not keep any of the above beverage in our house on a regular basis. We always have a big pitcher of water with lots of lemon, cucumber, mint and lime to add to it

  7. I have been trying to increase my water intake, but have completely neglected my milk intake. I replaced all the things I used to drink (diet soda, juices, energy drinks, protein drinks) with water. I guess I ought to replace a little of the water with some nonfat milk!

  8. i never knew that milk had so many vitamins in it thats very cool, i now know when my daughter is drinking milk she is getting what she needs when she is drinking it

  9. Milk is a good source of potassium. When I was younger, I would get “charlie horses” in my legs all the time. I was told to drink milk, for the potassium, and it really helped. Potassium is also good for other types of cramps.

  10. In general I only drink water, but this graphic helps remind me that even though it’s a few extra calories, I really need the vitamins, mineral, and other beneficial components of milk. I think I had started thinking that only kids need milk, but as an “aging” woman, I certainly could use some extra calcium in my diet.

  11. Soooo many empty calories & sugars! Really do need to get better about drinking more milk.

  12. After seeing all the calories in juice & soda, I’m so glad my kids love milk, even being 9 & 17 they would rather drink milk thank anything else!

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