Custom Brews and a Great Space to Work at New Order Coffee #VisitDetroit

new order coffee Detroit Review

So many of us need coffee to function. It’s not really an option anymore, but a part of life. But finding a place to get a good cup of coffee on the go, or that you can work in as an office is not always as easy as it sounds. We live in an area that has a coffee shop on every corner, and we all have our favorites.

new order coffee Detroit ReviewFor me, one of my new favorite coffee places to visit is New Order Coffee in Detroit. A small coffee shop in the Mid-Town area that not only brings in a modern flair to a coffee shop with bright and open work spaces and smaller booths to hang out in, but offer fun drink options including cereal milk based coffee blends.

new order coffee Detroit ReviewAs much as we love our coffee, New Order Coffee helps us love it even more. Inside every cup of coffee that is brewed at New Order are beans that were roasted and ground on site in small batches. Because they know that this will not only produces a better flavor profile for every cup of coffee, but allows them to do different roasting levels for different drinks and customer preference.

new order coffee Detroit ReviewOne of the goals of New Order Coffee, besides a good cup of coffee, is to help educate their customers about quality coffee. They offer classes to teach customers more about where their coffee comes from, how it is roasted and what the different roasts result in flavor profiles. We were given a class and not only were able to try out the different roasting levels, but you can actually find your favorite and order custom roasts for your home consumption.

Whatever your favorite type of coffee at other places, you’ll find an upgraded and more delicious version at New Order Coffee. Fan of Mochas? Try their M&M Coffee – you wont be disappointed!

New Order Coffee
3100 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48201

(313) 784-9164

Take a look inside New Order Coffee:


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