Cupcake Challenge Recap 

cupcake challenge
cupcake challenge
Our recipe challenges are a little hard sometimes. I thought 10 crock pot recipes in two weeks was hard, but it really helped with meal planning. Now, 10 cupcake recipes – that’s hard! Not only do you have to find fun and original recipes that don’t conflict with the other bloggers, but you have to eat them!

Don’t get me wrong, cupcakes are great, and I’m the one who chose to go the sweet route on this one. But that’s 10 dozen cupcakes.. And that’s not even counting the one recipe that failed! I’ve given them to friends, taken them to family and we’ve had quite a few ourselves.

So what’s next? Next month is all Green Recipes! Partially because we’re getting to spring – but also because we need something healthy after all of those cupcakes!

Also next month we have two more bloggers joining us! So each month we’ll have 50 recipes total for you, which makes it harder for us to not overlap recipes!

I’m super excited for green and healthy recipes 🙂

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