Cucumber Watermelon Juice

cucumber watermelon juice recipe

cucumber watermelon juice recipeIf you were a teenage girl in the 90’s like I was, cucumber watermelon was the best scent you could get anything in. It flew off the shelves. But it’s probably one of my favorite juice drinks in our house too. Not only does cucumber watermelon juice smell fresh, but it tastes good too. It’s refreshing and hydrating – and even better, it’s extremely easy to make!

cucumber watermelon juice recipeIngredients: 

  • 1/2 small seedless watermelon
  • 1/2 cucumber


  1. Wash the cucumbers and remove the end. Cut in half and reserve the other half for later.
  2. Cut your watermelon in half and place the other half in the fridge. Cut the remaining half into smaller pieces and remove the rind.
  3. Run both the cucumber and watermelon through your juicer, and mix well. Enjoy immediately or drink within a day!


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