Cry Babies Magic Tears Actually Cry Tears

Cry Babies Dolls Review

When you’re a kid, you just want to have a baby to take care of like your mommy and daddy. But not all baby dolls are made the same, and several on the market offer more advanced features that make them cost more – but then there are ones that are an affordable price point and offer the features that kids (and parents) are going to love.

Years ago, our baby dolls were just dolls – but they they came out with ones that could cry with a crude mechanism that probably cost our parents more than they wanted to pay. We wanted them, and needed them – so of course we got them. Now, kids can have dolls that actually cry for under $20 and they do much more than that! Cry Babies are back with their Magic Tears and they even have a few other secrets in store as well!

Cry Babies Dolls Review

Every Cry Babies doll has their own unique onesie that matches their name, but can be traded and worn by the other dolls. The tight fitting onesie is a bit hard to get over their ears the first time but will break in in time. To fill the doll with water for their “tears” you will have to remove the hood and find the reservoir. It’s quick and easy to fill up and once the baby starts crying you will see the tears pouring down its face.

So what else do Cry Babies do other than have tears? Well they cry of course, when they need something like a nap or their pacifier. Simply take care of the baby and lay it down and the crying will stop. The cry is actually pretty realistic and something that will shock parents at how different it is compared to the creepy crying that was what we had in our dolls growing up.

Cry Babies Dolls Review

Cry Babies do come complete with batteries so other than adding water, they will work the moment you take them out of the box. They will initially be in a demo mode so you will have to switch the doll on or off if you want to save batteries. You can reach the battery panel and switch on the back of the doll through the onesie and there is a toggle switch right on the babies back side (a slightly odd placement in my opinion).

Cry Babies Dolls Review

The dolls are super cute and coming in under $20, are going to be a huge hit for kids this year. They different styles and dolls make them fun to collect and their houses and accessories make playing with them even more fun. Cry Babies also in blind bottle houses, your favorite new characters are yours to discover. And the fun doesn’t stop there! The Cry Babies Magic Tears are must have collectibles and will take your toy boxes by storm. You can find them in a variety of outfits and styles – but all have great accessories for kids to play with and enjoy.

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