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spectrum Diversified Office Organization

spectrum Diversified Office OrganizationSince the beginning of the year, I’ve been working on my One Thing a Day Project, and organizing one part of the house a day. So far it’s been cupboards, drawers and small things while dinner is cooking or between client calls. As I’ve been working on the house, my office has been a disaster. Piles of artwork on the desk, unopened mail piled up and at times – so much stuff the doors wouldn’t close. But my goal was to have a clean office I could work in, and a desk I could work at – if only because it’s so much better for my back than working on the couch all the time!

spectrum diversified office organization projectI knew tackling my office was going to be a big project, and it took a couple days to get the base organization done, and a few hours to purge out any outdated paperwork. Then came the day to day organization. Thankfully, Spectrum Diversified sent me a variety of their baskets and office goodies to organize the drawers and the incoming work. We were sent a grid tray organizers, two scoop trays, one dome door stop, a corkboard magnetic message center, and two scoop baskets for larger items. On our first round organizing, a couple of the baskets haven’t found a home yet – but they’ll be used very soon!

spectrum Diversified Office OrganizationOnce I purged items from the office that didn’t need to be there, and removed the artwork from the desk top (those will be hung soon – at least I hope so), the next step was making sure I could find everything. Our side table in the office has a large drawer. For years that drawer has been the place to toss extra tech and cords. Everything we buy today has cords and plugs. The grid baskets were perfect to separate the cords and make them easy to find. One was perfect for random small tools I need, pens and other office supplies. The drawer closes smoothly and we can find a cord when we need it most.

Another area I had to tackle was the desk itself. My most needed tech is right in the drawer next to me at all times. The last grid basket not only held the headsets and cords, but it was shallow enough that the drawer pen well fit in perfectly and made everything accessible. When I need to find anything in the drawer, I can remove the grid basket and get what I need quickly without destroying the whole drawer.

spectrum Diversified Office Organization spectrum Diversified Office OrganizationAs we get items in for both of my businesses, I need to make sure they are organized and easy to find. The large scoop baskets are perfect to keep everything easy to find and at a hands reach.

spectrum Diversified Office Organization

Now that I can find everything easily, including the desk, it’s a place I can get work done and focus. My office isn’t a huge space, but by using the baskets and products from Spectrum Diversified, I’m able to create an organized space for the work I do. A little bit of organization goes a long way and the office is a great place to get work done.


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