Creating The Perfect Small Patio Space

Creating The Perfect Small Patio Space

Designing a small patio space in your garden can seem like quite a difficult task, especially if you are short on outdoor space. However, while many people often feel their garden is not large enough to include a patio, there are actually many ways you can incorporate a patio space into a small garden. The best thing about designing a small patio is that far from making your garden feel smaller, if designed correctly a small patio can effectively give your garden an increased feeling of spaciousness and purpose.

Step 1 : Measure the dimensions of your patio

MTD Property Management team explains that the first step to take when designing a small patio is to find out exactly how much space is available for your patio. That measuring out the dimensions of your desired patio will allow you to get a better feel of the overall space you have to work with, and the overall budget you will need to create your patio space.

Step 2: Incorporate curves and angles into the design

While many small patios have square or rectangular design, if you are limited in space then there is no reason why you have to limit your creative ideas for your small patio to those ‘inside the box‘. In fact incorporating curves and angles into your small patio design can help to give the illusion of a much larger space, and thus, can make your garden look much bigger than it actually is.

Step 3: Choose materials which complement your garden

After planning the amount of space available for your patio and the overall shape, the next step to designing a small patio is to choose the right materials. While price is often a big deciding factor in what materials you choose to pave your patio, the most important thing to remember when designing your small patio is to choose materials which you feel complement the design of your home and garden.

While bricks and concrete can often be a low cost choice, if your garden has a rustic or modern look, then using these materials might make your patio feel out of place.

Step 4: Use color carefully

Another thing to consider when designing a small patio is colour. For example, one tip to make a patio appear larger is to avoid using too many bright colours, as these can often make a patio feel small. If the patio is confined by a wall or fence, then painting these in darker colours can help to increase the feeling of space by creating depth. However, if you really detest the idea of using dark hues, then light neutral colours can also give a similar illusion of space.

If you enjoy bright colours, then these can easily be added into the patio design with the use of a few colourful flowers or plants.  

Step 4: Use wall planters and hanging baskets to increase planting space

While small patios might offer little room for plants and flowers, this does not mean your patio has to be a bare and barren landscape. If when designing your patio you find that there is no room for a conventional border or planter, why not consider using wall planters and hanging baskets to add a splash of colour? Not only do these provide a good way for you to grow more flowers and plants in a smaller space, but can also add height and interest in what would otherwise be a bare space.

Step 5: Avoid cluttering the patio

Finally, another important part of designing your small patio will be furnishing it to suit your needs. While a patio can be used as an outdoor dining area, or just somewhere to chill out and relax, when designing a small patio it is important to define exactly how you want to use the space if it is to avoid becoming cluttered and cramped.

If you like the idea of using your patio as a dining area then incorporating a small grill and a small two-seater table will probably make the best use of your patio space. However, if you are looking to use your patio more as a retreat from the stresses of life, then incorporating a small fountain and comfy seating area may make better use of the limited space you have.

Overall, thinking realistically about how you want to use your patio space will not only make the space more functional, but also ensure it remains feeling spacious.


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