Creating a Backyard Summer Picnic

Back Yard Picnic Ideas

It’s summer, and there is ample opportunity to do various things. Picnics are one of those things to do in the summer, and using some creativity you can create some wonderful backyard summer picnic ideas.

Think about how fun it can be to do a backyard summer picnic with a theme. Spicing up your picnic will make those who attend want to come again and again.

Western days picnic

First set up several different tables. Get white tablecloths from your local dollar store and make horseshoes all over them with permanent marker. This will give your picnic the western look.

On one of the tables, put a half whiskey barrel with ice in it and all your drinks. On the front of this table, you can put a sign that says “Cowboy Saloon”. Paint your sign ahead of time. Use brown paper and make lines all the way across, so it looks like wood and then paint the words in black paint. Have your children help with this. They will be excited for this picnic as they know it is going to be special. 

Next take mason jars, and cover each side with a cowboy boot made out of construction paper that your children have colored. These will be used for flowers in the center of the tables. This helps to complement the western look.

You can make saloon doors to hang on your house, for your front door. This will surprise those who are coming. The doors can be made from construction paper too. Let the children help with this also.

Next take pictures of those who are coming and make Wanted posters for the frames, around the pictures and place at different areas in your back yard. What fun this can be and they can take these home after the picnic.

Make a sign for your bathroom, too. When people see the outhouse sign they will get a good laugh.

Have chicken, potato salad and corn on the cob, and watermelon. Put bandannas on each place setting for their napkins. This can make the table look great! You can even get cowboy hats at the dollar store for everyone to wear. Oh the fun you can have.

For extra fun, have a watermelon seed spitting contest and play horseshoes. Don’t forget the country music. Your friends and family will love the picnic and it will be a blast.

Summer picnic idea for the neighborhood

This picnic can be a lot of fun. First you have to send out invitations that you are having a picnic. Tell everyone that everything will be provided except for the meat. Let them know you will have a BBQ for everyone to cook there own meat.

Rent a bounce house for the children. These are a lot of fun and easy to use. Also you can rent a dunk tank. These take about 1 day to fill so make sure you get it the day before you need it. Also rent one of the big barbecues that are like 10 to 15 feet long. These are great for the adults to cook their own meat for their families. You can also rent a port a potty. This way you do not have people going through your house all day.

Have some great music playing and have people bring their own chairs. Set up two or three pop up tents with tables so people can eat at them. The rest is up to everyone. Tell them to bring sunscreen and visit and eat and have a ball! This is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

This is just a sample of two ideas you can use for backyard summer picnic ideas. There is so much more you can do. Use your imagination, or better yet ask your children what kind of theme they might want to do. Have fun! Remember it’s summer time and why not spend the time having a fun picnic.


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