Create Your own Holiday Bows with a Bowdabra

Bowdabra Review

Every holiday season you see those perfectly wrapped presents, the ones that have the beautiful ribbon and bow on top. You can either pay someone to make those bows for you, or you can do what most people do and just stick one of those plastic disposable bows on top. That is, until the Bowdabra hit the scene – this easy to use tool that helps you make bows in no time.

The Bowdabra Bow maker comes with an instructional CD, some wire to get started and the Bowdabra tool to help you make the bows. The information booklet gives you the basic steps on how to make a few different bows and how to customize them for your project.

Using the Bowdabra bow maker is pretty easy and a tool that you’re going to want to grab every time you’re wrapping a present (not just at the holidays). While your first (few) bows may not be perfect, the cost savings of making your bow compared to buying bows all the time is going to be huge for making your packages some of the most beautiful – and presentation is a huge part of the gift giving process.

After using your Bowdabra Bow Maker for a while and using their bow tutorials, you’ll find yourself customizing your bows and even making your own.

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