Create New Holiday Traditions with Oliver the Ornament

Oliver the Ornament Review

All holiday traditions have an origin story and sometimes – it’s time for a new one. It might be something you family has done for years, the way you decorate or the music you listen to. If you’re looking to change up your holiday celebration, or to start a new tradition with your family and kids – this is exactly where Oliver the Ornament can come in.

Oliver the Ornament Review

Oliver the Ornament is a book set that was written by Todd Zimmermann and illustrated by Teddy Lu and is the perfect holiday bedtime story for kids. The book follows the story of Oliver, an ornament who has been on the same tree for years. Over the years he’s been bullied, broken but always put back in the same spot by the family that loves him. The story encourages acceptance of differences and compassion. But it also encourages families to share the story about the different ornaments and decorations you put out each year – to help carry those stories through the years.

You don’t just get a copy of the book when you get the Oliver the Ornament set, instead you actually get an ornament as well. The ornament is well crafted, heavy and one that you can display on a shelf or on a sturdy tree branch. It’s cute details follow what happened to the ornament in the story and will be a welcome addition to the ones you already put on your tree each year.

Oliver the Ornament Review

The book is an early reader book, so it is perfect for bedtime. And Oliver the Ornament’s illustrated pages are ones that your kids will want to look at over and over again. You can get your family an Oliver the Ornament set and add to your own holiday traditions – or make a new one. It’s a great gift idea to create traditions for years to come.

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