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Pictures on Gold Locket Review

Pictures on Gold Locket Review

Growing up, I always loved the concept of a locket. It held the image of someone you loved and held it close to your heart. But when you have a locket, it usually means that you have to cut up an image of the person you love and make it fit – that is, if you have one small enough. Technology and photography have changed a lot in the past twenty years, but now instead of having to find a photo to cut up and part with – we have a new struggle – actually printing the image out.

Pictures on Gold Locket ReviewThe idea of a locket is still one I love, even with the new challenges that we face. But now Pictures on Gold has a solution for lockets even with digital photography dominating our lives. Instead of printing a tiny image to fit inside your locket (which they still offer this service), you can actually have your digital image laser etched into the locket using a marking machine. Not only does this make it a lot easier to get the image inside, since you digitally place it in the location. But it also means the image stays put, and wont fade over time.

Pictures on Gold Locket ReviewPictures on Gold sent me one of their Sterling Silver lockets with a laser photo and words engraved inside. Ordering the locket was easy, you could select the interior and exterior engraving, a design or even a special message as well as the image you wanted inside. I decided to leave the exterior blank, and put a baby image of Goonie on the inside with his initials. While the outside is pretty plain – it will easily go with any outfit, and the inside holds the image close to your heart.

The sterling silver locket does not come with a chain, but they can be purchased separate. However, the lockets do come in a gift box that is great for presentation and gift giving. The lockets not only include custom photos etched inside as well as your own messages, but they also are scratch proof and waterproof and will last for years.

You can save on customized Lockets from Pictures On Gold! Just in time for the Holidays!
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