Create Your Own Krinkle Cut Carrots with a Kuhn Rikon Krinkle Knife

krinkle cut knife reveiw

krinkle cut knife reveiwWhen I was a kid, I always loved the crinkle cut carrots in our mixed vegetables. Maybe it was just because they were different shaped, but sometimes for a kid that’s all it takes. But unless I buy packages of frozen vegetables, I never had anything to make a crinkle cut at home. You can buy fancy attachments for your appliances to make the cut, or you can get a 6″ Krinkle Knife from Kuhn Rikon for under $20.

krinkle cut knife reveiwKuhn Rikon sent us a 6″ Krinkle Knife to test out in the kitchen. It works perfectly on carrots, potatoes or really any fruit or vegetable that you want to put a wave pattern on. The krinkle knife comes with an easy grip handle that is ergonomic, a super sharp stainless steel blade for easy cutting and a protector shield. The mezzaluna or half moon shaped knife makes it easy to rock back and forth while cutting and cut both from left to right and right to left with ease.

krinkle cut knife reveiwWhile there’s still several months until I’ll be able to harvest vegetables out of my own garden, the farmer’s market always seems to provide this time of year. And with the krinkle knife, I’m able to add some fun and variety to the vegetables we’re eating with ease. At first I was a little worried about the amount of effort it would take to get through carrots, but the krinkle knife cut through everything with ease. The non-stick coating on the blade made sure that nothing stuck between cuts, and washing the blades were easy. Because of the coating and the exposed edges of the blade, I’d suggest hand washing this kitchen tool. The comfort grip makes it easy to use for a long period of time, but the sharp blade may make it too dangerous for children kitchen helpers to use. Over all we love using the krinkle knife, and I’m happy to add some shape and variety in our meals.


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