Create Fun New Worlds with Little Paper Universes

Little Paper Universes Book Review

If you’re new to paper crafting, or not sure where to start, some references books give you just the instructions and not much else. But Little Paper Universes not only gives you step by step instructions on how to create miniature worlds out of paper, but they actual give you all of the pieces in the back of the book as well.

Set up as a book for beginners, Little Paper Universes comes with everything you need to make ten different 3-D scenes easily. All you have to provide is the scissors, glue, a base and some patience. This book is perfect for anyone just starting out on paper crafts or anyone who wants to keep their hands busy without investing a lot into a craft they’re just learning.

And when you’re done – you get a beautiful collection of 3-D scenes that you can display or gift, and take pride in the fact that you made them yourself. the instructions are simple and easy to follow, plus will result in a beautiful display every time you create one of the scenes.

Little Paper Universes Book Review

A lighthearted passport to 10 whimsical and elegant little scenes to make from paper and then display under cloches. A lush tropical jungle, a teepee at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and a lighthouse guiding a ship through choppy waves all come to life with simple directions and a relaxed approach. Paper designer Samantha Milhet guides you through each project, which are arranged by difficulty level so that beginners, as well as more-skilled crafters, can find the perfect project to inspire them. All the colored pieces are ready to cut and fold right out of the book. This is an excellent introduction to the versatile realm of paper crafting, offering a new creative outlet through three-dimensional worlds. The projects’ unusual charm grabs attention, and making these universes will give you ideas for unlimited others!


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