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mohawk home outdoor rug review

mohawk home outdoor rug reviewMy goal this summer was to create a comfortable space to relax in on our patio. It started with brightly colored DIY chairs, some added funky pillows, a large banana umbrella, and now Mohawk Home has helped us complete the space with a beautiful area rug.

mohawk home outdoor rug reviewWhile our house has all hard surfaces, other than a few select areas, we’ve decided to keep the wood floors bare in most places. But our patio space is something else completely. With an 800 square foot concrete patio, we’ve found ourselves needing not only a place to sit and enjoy the space, but an area that is a bit softer to walk on. Mohawk Home sent us a 5′-3″ x 7′-8″ Voyage String Theory Venice Tile Coral Area Rug for our space, and with the other accessories we added out there, we have a great place to relax and enjoy our yard.

mohawk home outdoor rug reviewThe Voyage String Theory Venice Tile Coral Area Rug is made of polypropylene and polyester, and unlike rugs you would put inside your home has no backing and a lower loop pile. Overall, it is made for all weather and can be left out all season long. So far we’ve left the rug out through all weather including rain and storms. Other than a corner being moved a little during a heavy wind – the rug stays perfectly in place, even without heavy weights on it. Since the rug is not backed or thicker piled material, the moisture goes through it and nothing is held inside. It’s easy to shake out any dust or dirt.

My favorite thing is the beautiful space it helps creates on our patio. Our patio sitting area is a welcoming place for guests and a great place to sit and relax with a glass of tea and chat with a friend.

Mohawk Home is giving one of my readers their own outdoor patio rug for your space. Read how you can enter win one below.

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. What is your favorite Mohawk Home Outdoor Rug? What is your best tip for making your own outdoor oasis? If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!


  1. I like the Mohawk Home Voyage String Theory Barbados Burst Area Rug . My best tip is to get comfortable chairs and lots of potted flowers.

  2. I really like the Home Voyage Bali Tile Rug, it looks so pretty! My tips for having an outdoor oasis is to include your own personal style to it so you can enjoy being in that space even more. Something that represents a little bit of you.

  3. I like the String Theory Voyage Bali Rug and my tip would just to be make it as comfortable as possible! Calming colors and comfy furniture.

  4. Mohawk String Theory Voyage Monterey Indoor / Outdoor Area Rug
    my favorite and i love a great shaded area, a hammock and of course a bug zapper

  5. I like the Mohawk Home Voyage area rug in the Monterey Red. I think personalizing your space outside can make it your oasis. Maybe it’s a fairy garden, twinkle lights, or flowers in your favorite color make it your own.

  6. My favorite rug is the Mohawk Home Voyage String Theory Byron Bay Indigo/Cream Area Rug. My best tips are to create something that you find comfortable and pretty so that you actually spend time outside. When I love what I’ve created, I’m more likely to enjoy it.

  7. I really like the Voyage String Theory Bali Tile Area Rug. I love using lots of pillows on my outdoor furniture to make it soft and comfortable!

  8. My favorite Mohawk Home Outdoor Rug is the Mohawk Home Voyage String Theory Venice Tile Coral Area Rug. My best tip for making an outdoor oasis is keep it cool and in the shade.

  9. I like the Mohawk Home Voyage String Theory Bali Tile Area Rug. I like the add lights to the backyard to make it an oasis.

  10. The String Theory Voyage Bali Rug (8’x10’6) rug would be perfect on our patio! We had a pool put in last year, and this year we’ve worked to make the patio out there somewhere that we want to spend time on! We got comfortable patio furniture…and the most important part to me was getting a nice BIG umbrella for over the table/chairs set, since we don’t have trees there to keep it shaded! It makes it so much more comfortable & inviting now!

  11. I like the String Theory Voyage Maldives Rug. Our outdoor oasis is our deck. I try to make it as nice and comfy with great seating and meeting to avoid bug bites


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