CozyPhones Bring Fun and Comfort to Head Phones

Cozy Phones Review

Cozy Phones ReviewTechnology is a big part of their lives, but headphones aren’t always kid friendly. And traveling with kids and technology is never easy, with extra cords and bulky head pieces. But now, with CozyPhones kids can listen to their favorite music, watch their shows and stay entertained while you’re on the go (or even on the couch).

Cozy Phones ReviewCozyPhones sent us a variety of their kid head phone head bands to try out and share. They range in styles from your child’s favorite characters, to fun animals that they can chose from. CozyPhones are soft headbands with volume control headphones directly inside.

When you first put the CozyPhones on you may have to adjust the speaker pads to line up to your child’s ears. But the soft speaker pads are easy to move, and adjust just right. Since the speakers in directly inside the headband, there aren’t any hard ear buds to hurt their ears. The soft head band helps keep them in place and kids happy while they’re listening to their favorite shows or playing games.

Cozy Phones ReviewCozyPhones makes several different varieties for children, but they also make them for adults too. The soft band keeps them in place while you are working out, or walking about town. One thing we love is the fact that CozyPhones only have one cord coming down from the head phones, meaning you wont get tangled in cords or have to deal with more than one cord while you’re on the go.┬áThe headband also can help you keep your ears warm on a cold day and can make it so you can lean your head up and fall asleep while listening to your favorite tunes.



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