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CoverMate Food Covers – Easy to Use and Reuseable!

CoverMate Food Covers
Since I’m usually in the kitchen, there is always something new being made. Some stays in the house, others are taken to family parties, on trips or even to work. I normally pack things in some plastic ware or glass and take them with, but lids aren’t always around. There might be a lid eating monster in our cupboard, because there are a lot more bowls than lids!

Covermate Food Covers

I was sent a variety pack of Stretch-to-Fit Food Covers from CoverMate, and they might just be the answer I’m looking for! Even if we don’t take into account the missing lids throughout the kitchen – not every bowl, baking dish or plate has a lid that covers the food. What do you when you put things on a plate and want to keep them fresh? Or take them with you? I tend to make a huge mess with plastic wrap, and once you take it off – you can’t use it again.

covermate food covers

All of these problems are easily solved by the CoverMate Food Covers. The variety pack has three sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Medium fits over most bowls, plates and when on a plate of cookies or snack bars holds them firmly in place so they wont fall apart or get messed up in transit. The Large fits over larger casserole dishes, or baking pans with extra space. And the Extra Large? It fits over large platters.

Besides being extremely easy to use, the CoverMate Food Covers also have another great benefit – they are completely reuseable! Not only can you wash them and use them on your next plate, but they are also dishwasher safe. They look like a shower cap that goes over your food, but helps keep the fresh and away from moisture and other odors. I love that I can use this set over and over!

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