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OK, I’ve been couponing just over a month now – to say it’s changed how I shop would be an understatement. But has it affected anyone else around you? I mean besides those in your immediate household who benefit from your stockpiles – but others around you?
I have given some of my extra coupons to my sister and my parents. My mother reported last week they saved around $60 on their grocery bill – just using a coupon here and there and good deals on what they normally use. How fantastic is that!?
On the weekends, we have a habit of hitting the same places if we get take out. One major chain place we call in take out at, have grown to know us over the years. Recently I have started to talk coupons with one of the girls who works the bar. We discuss the deals we found, or our coupon binders. She left hers out recently – and she’s lucky it didn’t walk out with my order 😉 haha.

Tonight my sister called to chat a bit – she had used the pull up coupons I had given her – and dropped a bill from $40-50 to $7! So proud!

After my trip at the beginning of next week I’m finally going to give my parents and sister the couponing lesson I was going to last week. They’re doing pretty good at it on their own already.

So my question for the night is – how has couponing started to bleed over into your life? Is your family getting more involved? Are you finding more like minded friends? Or do they just think you’re a bit silly? 🙂


  1. After my daughter and I go through our Sunday coupons, we give each other what’s left. I share, share, share coupons & freebies on my FaceBook page. Turns out one of my gaming friends on FB is now also my couponing, sample, freebie buddy!


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