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Copyrighting and Blogs – what’s the big deal?

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A lot of people thing we just blog for fun, it’s ok to snag something you like and use it yourself. Unfortunately there is something they’re not considering – copyright infringement. There is a lot of regulations about this, claiming something that isn’t yours is illegal – it’s pretty simple. That doesn’t stop it from happening, every day.

Every day a blogger works hard to keep the blog going. I mean, come on – it’s a full time job. We get up, scrounge for deals, coupons, freebies and more post them – rinse and repeat. So why is it ok for someone to take what we do and copy it? Short answer – it’s not.

Scroll down to the very bottom of this page, see that copyright? That means what I write here and post here are my own. I don’t copy from others or take their content. I do borrow images to promote giveaways and deals from companies, but I have never claimed they are mine. I use the company’s image or logo to promote something for them – not for myself.  You will notice I also brand my images – I took those images and claim ownership to them.

So why is this a big deal? Blogging is uncharted territory when it comes to some rules and laws. It’s a newer media source and art, as it were. But as bloggers we have to follow FTC regulations that large companies follow. We have to hold ourselves up to a higher level of standards than some companies do.

But don’t discount the blogger, we’re writers, we’re reviewers, we’re deal hunters, self employed, some are mothers and proud. We work hard at what we do, just please do your own work!

Copyrighting is a big deal, legal deal. No joke!

Want more (entertaining) information on copyrights? Watch this great video from Youtube. My boyfriend found this last week and I think it’s pretty great and informative!

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2 thoughts on “Copyrighting and Blogs – what’s the big deal?

  1. I also use companies pictures or logos to promote them If I need to use a picture from another site i ask first. And If I post another deal from another site I give them credit. I know how hard you all work to find the best deals and I must say I appreciate all you all do.

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