Cool Your Sake with Ceramic and Water – No Special Equipment Needed!

Magisso Sake Set Review
Each and every drink out there should be served a special way, and Sake isn’t any different. It is technically a wine made from rice, and depending on the type you get some should be serve at room temperature and others chilled.

I’m not very versed in different types of Sake, but I know there are countless different sets you can get to serve it to your guests at parties. Last week, Magisso surprised me by sending me one of their new Naturally Cooling Ceramic Sake Sets. It comes with two glasses and one flask. Ceramic is one of the traditional ways a Sake set is made, but Magisso took it to another level.

Magisso Sake Set Review

The Magisso Naturally Cooling Ceramic Sake set is very simple in design. The black on black color scheme makes it easy to use with any set, but provides more options than you’d think. The matte portion of the flask and glasses can be written on with chalk, so you can customize your design for your event and even mark your glasses without needing additional drink charms. They are made of sturdy ceramic and the inside is glazed for easy clean up and food safety.

Magisso Sake Set Review

Besides the sleek design, the Magisso Sake Set offers another neat feature. Like all of their Naturally Cooling Ceramics, you just have to add water to chill your food safely. Before serving your Sake, you simply soak your flask (and glasses if you want) in cool water for a couple of minutes. The pieces will pull in the cold and hold onto it through your meal.  I found that even running the flask under cold water helped bring the vessel down a few degrees and chill the drink some.

I love the simple and elegant design of the Magisso Sake Set, as well as how you can customize it to fit your party or guests. But my favorite thing about the set, how you can naturally cool your drinks without added chemicals, additional parts or even ice to water down your drink. It’s a great addition to serving options, and let us out of our comfort zone to try some delicious Sake to test the set out.

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