COOKINA Reuseable Baking Sheet Review

COOKINA Baking Sheets – Reusable and Customizable

COOKINA Cooking Sheet ReviewLate last year, I reviewed a COOKINA Oven protector, and let me tell you – I’m glad I did! I had a cake-splosion in my oven on a “guaranteed” recipe. It saved me hours of cleaning and was extremely easy to put in the oven, and lives there permanently now. So when COOKINA sent me one of their Reusable Baking Sheets to try I was intrigued to give it a try.

Cookina Baking Mat ReviewA couple years ago, I would have given my right arm for a baking mat for my cookie sheets. But I didn’t have one in my kitchen arsenal, or anywhere for that matter. I was able to add a couple to my collection, and use them for everything from my cookies to baked potatoes. They essentially have replaced the need for foil and parchment in our home (except a couple rare situations). But the ones I have been using are thick, and one set size, not very flexible and not customizable. Don’t get me wrong – they work great, but just not for everything. They fit perfectly in my 13 x 17 half sheet pans, but my smaller pans are pretty much useless when it comes to the baking mats.

COOKINA Reuseable Baking Sheet ReviewThis is where the COOKINA reusable baking mat already beets out a lot of the competitors. It is thin enough it can basically mold itself to the shape of your pan if it’s not a standard half sheet, or if you want you can cut it to get the perfect size for your baking needs. It is not a self healing mat, so be sure to measure twice and cut once if you choose to cut the mat! But you can use it for anything that is going in your oven, and you wont need any cooking oil or sprays to protect your food from cooking. Fresh out of the box, all you have to do is wash it with warm water and you’re ready to go.

COOKINA Reuseable Baking Sheet ReviewThe mat comes in a 15 x 26 inch size, which is larger than most pans a home cook has in their collection. But the large size makes it so you could slide it right onto the rack in the oven to bake directly! It is large enough to handle a pizza and catch any drips and make sure your pie doesn’t stick to the grate (or fall through it!) The COOKINA baking mat is BPA and PFOA Free and doesn’t require any extra treatment to use. Since it is so large it comes with a metal ring to keep it rolled neatly up in your drawer, or you can store it flat. The baking mat also comes with a scouring pad for clean up if you happen to have any baked on messes – but I have yet to find anything that has needed it. There’s little the COOKINA baking mat isn’t up to the job for, and you can even use it up to 500 degrees – which is well above what other mats allow you to do, and well above most of my recipes temperature range.

From vegetables, to bacon and even cookies, the COOKINA oven mat is ready for the job and the easy clean up after the fact. As for the cookies in the picture? Each one came off so easily they could be lifted with out a spatula, and just set on a plate. This is a great addition to the tools in our kitchen!

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