Cook with Confidence with an Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen

Farberware Patented Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen Review

splatter1There are certain meals I refuse to cook at home – seafood is very high on that list. We know it’s healthy and good for us, but I have had a strict no fish at home policy for one specific reason – the smell. I hate the lingering smell that happens through the house after you make that healthy meal. Finally there is a solution to that problem in the kitchen – and odor absorbing splatter shield.

Farberware Patented Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen ReviewFarberware created the first ever odor absorbing splatter screen, a patent pending kitchen tool that keeps the strong smells from lingering through your house, and stops oil from splattering on your stove top. They sent us one to use in our kitchen and make dinner with.

Like many other splatter guards the Farberware Odor Absorbing Splatter Guard fits easily over any skillet or sauce pan. It has a folding handle that locks into place is extremely simple to use. But the main difference is that instead of just a mesh to stop splatters – it is lined with a carbon fiber mesh – the same that is put in put in workout bags to help absorb smells. The carbon fiber mesh works as a filter and allows the steam to easily flow out of the pan, but keeps all of the smells inside.

I was actually surprised at how well the splatter guard worked, not just at keeping my stove top free of splattering food but kept the smell inside. ¬†Between browning meat I couldn’t smell anything as our dinner cooked. I could see the steam coming out of the top and hear the meat cooking. The smell absorber worked so well that no one knew what I was making for dinner until it was on their plates! And the best part, when I was done – it was as easy as popping the splatter guard in the dishwasher and having it ready for next time.


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