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wellnessmat review and discount code

wellnessmat review and discount codeSpending a lot of time in the kitchen means spending a lot of time on your feet, on a hard surface. I love the look of the tile floor in our kitchen, but what I don’t like is the back aches and sore feet when I’m done cooking or working out there. When we moved in a couple years ago I had ordered a padded kitchen floor mat from a deal site. The floor mat was cheap, and you get what you pay for. I knew it wasn’t the best option for long hours on my feet, but it would work for the time being.

wellnessmat review and discount codeThe last couple years when I’ve attended IHHS I’ve made a stop at the WellnessMat booth to rest my feet. Just stepping on the mats helped my feet feel better even if it was a quick stop. This week, WellnessMat sent me one of their 2′ x 3′ kitchen mats for my home, and instantly stepping on the mat felt like working on a cloud.

wellnessmat review and discount codeThe older floor mat I has a quilted appearance and the back is stitched on. This creates an issue when any food or liquid gets spilled on it, or if the cats make a mess on the mat. The first thing I noticed when I took my new WellnessMat out of the box was it was one continuous piece – no seams, no separate backing, nothing that will allow any grossness in.

wellnessmat review and discount codeI received WellnessMats Sunset Entwine 2′ x 3′ floor mat for my kitchen, but this year they’ve introduced more color and design options. The pop red helps brighten up the dark cabinets and and granite in our kitchen. It adds a fun burst of color, and goes with a lot of the accents I already have in the space. WellnessMats weigh about 8 lbs, which is considerably heavier than the old mat we had. The weight helps keep the mat in place, and it doesn’t skid across the floor. The fact the mat stays in place is huge while you’re working, and it doesn’t have edges that will lift up and possibly become trip hazards.

wellnessmat review and discount codeWellnessMats are made for ergonomic working and that’s why chefs, TSA agents, health care workers and more. After stepping on the mat in my kitchen, I instantly felt my feet sinking into the mat. It cradles your feet as your working and helps relieve some of the pressure on your joins as you’re working. After working with our new kitchen mat I noticed I didn’t ache as much. I can’t wait to use the WellnessMats during our upcoming canning marathons.

Right now WellnessMats is having a 20% off sale – which never happens! The deal expires on May 8th, but it’s the perfect time to get one of these beautiful kitchen floor mats for Mom or the cook in your house!


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