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London Pass Review

When we first started our trip to Europe, we didn’t really know where to start. I had a list of “must see” places while we were in London, and so did my boyfriend. I started to put them in a spread sheet with the costs, times they opened and instantly became overwhelmed. Then we were introduced to London Pass, and they gave us each a one day VIP pass to try out on our trip – opening the doors to over sixty different tourist attractions, offering hop on and off service for the bus tours and even discounts while shopping. We actually liked using London Pass so much, we purchased one for use later in our trip.

If you’re planning a trip to London, why should you consider getting a London Pass?


London Pass ReviewStart doing the math of all of the attractions entry fees. Those pounds add up quickly and you will quickly see a monetary savings by picking up a London Pass. Not only does the London Pass mean you get into the attractions in their book and listings, but often it actually means you get a “fast pass” and can skip the general admission line. That means saving money. More attractions on your trip means more bang for your buck.

London Pass also offers discounts on other attractions, restaurants and services. Don’t forget to show your London Pass at the gift shop, often many will give you a 10% discount, and others offer a £5 discount.

Big Attractions 

London Pass ReviewWe’re not talking the small road side attractions you’ll miss if you blink (even those are always fun too). But London Pass actually covers and works with the majority of the main attractions in and around London. You can get into the Tower of London, Churchill’s War Room, Westminster Abbey, and even the London Bridge. With a list of over sixty different attractions and tours, there is something for everyone to explore and see throughout the city.


London Pass ReviewPicking up your London Pass is easy and once it’s activated, you can visit as many of the attractions as  you want during that time frame. They give everyone a tour guide book, and a lanyard to hold your pass if you want to wear it around your neck (We opted out of this so we didn’t scream “tourist” anymore than we already did just by looking at us). But London Pass also offers tourist access to renting phones to keep you connected while you’re traveling, as well as ease of purchasing tickets to other almost always sold out attractions like Buckingham Palace. And let’s not forget traveling – you can get the travel package that includes an Oyster card that will help you get between all of the attractions and around London. I loved just having to carrying a card around to get into our sights, rather than having to pay at each and every one.

Using the London Pass on our trip made it extremely easy to see sights that were on both of our “must see” lists as we hopped through the city. The cost savings alone made it well worth the purchase and they actually offer more sites that anyone could see in one visit to the city (although I may be up to that challenge next time!)

London Pass sells 1 day, 3 day, 6 day and 10 pass options. Find out more about what attractions you can see and the other benefits for travelers.


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