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Connecting Your Home Theater System Just got Easier with Logitech! + Giveaway

logitech k400 plus reviewWe’re becoming a more connected society, and often we find ourselves connected our laptop or camera to the television to show images or videos on a larger screen. Really, there’s no reason to not show them on the largest screen in your home. But instead of being tied to your laptop, you can connect easier with a wireless keyboard!

logitech k400 plus reviewWhen I was in New York last month, I was invited to sit down with Logitech to check out their new K400 plus wireless keyboard. What they didn’t know was, we already had the K400 at home, and I was excited to see the new features!

logitech k400 plus reviewWhile some of the changes seem small at first glance, I was surprised at the overall design change from the K400 to the K400 plus. Both keyboards offer a full Qwerty keypad, a mouse pad with right and left keys, as well as volume control. But the K400 Plus’ design was a bit lighter and not just in color. The quick keys to change your volume were moved closer to the track pad, and in a more convenient location. The arrow keys were changed and redesigend into a more logical spot and giving the K400 Plus the feeling of a more traditional keyboard. logitech k400 plus reviewMost design changes were small, but very effective, providing a better overall use of the keyboard. It made it seem a bit more intuitive when you first grabbed it to change the channel on your TV or searched for a new video on Youtube. The K400 Plus seems to be just a bit smaller in depth and thickness than it’s predecessor.

After you look at the design changes, you may wonder what the difference is in the two models. Both the K400 and the K400 Plus function the same and provide you a great way to connect to the internet through your television. The K400 Plus allows for one finger scrolling on websites, F2 will open your browser for you, you can pinch to zoom or pinch to scroll and even pause your videos with a quick tap of abutton. Your home theater experience just got upgraded! And one of my absolutely favorite things about the K400 Plus, it can work with the same USB connector as your other Logitech devices, so we can actually have multiple keyboards for our home theater system for viewers in different parts of the room.

logitech k400 plus reviewFind your child’s favorite show on YouTube or online is a snap having a K400 Plus. And Logitech would love for one of my readers to try one out for their own home theater system! Read how you can enter below!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post: Tell me What is your favorite feature about the K400 plus, or how would you connect your home theater system?? If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!

45 thoughts on “Connecting Your Home Theater System Just got Easier with Logitech! + Giveaway

  1. I would try and hook it up to my PS3 since that is my go-to device for all my entertainment. But setting up with my laptop connected to the TV would be cool too.

  2. I like how it is a wireless way t control things so you can see shows or videos on a llarger screen easily. I also how it is like using s regular keyboard since thats what I am damiliar with.

  3. We would save this as a backup for when our current wireless keyboard bites it. My three year old frequently does things to it, that make me wonder how it’s still in one piece!! Logitech makes great products!!

  4. I like the size and lightness of it. My mom can’t use anything bulkyu, this is good for her. Thanks for the chance!

  5. I like how the USB is just like any others meaning it isnt some odd kind of thing you need special equipment for.

  6. I would connect our home sytem via the desktop under the TV I think this is a very neat way to set things up.

  7. I would use it in the second bedroom to control my laptop which has an hdmi connection to the TV

  8. I like that it offers a full keypad, a mouse pad with right and left keys, and volume controls right there.

  9. I really like the bbrand aand also how portable and light this is. It is not all big and bulky and thats nice.

  10. I like that the K400 Plus, can work with the same USB connector as your other Logitech devices, thats nice we use a lot of Logitech devices.

  11. I like the one button pause, it usually takes me half a minute to find the pause button on our remote

  12. What I really like is how easy it sounds to set up and to use. This would be perfeect and not get me all frustrated trying set it up and use iit.

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