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logitech harmony review
Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard
When we set up our home entertainment center we made sure we found a wireless keyboard to help us connect our system to the Roku, TV and more. We spent most evenings watching movies, our TV shows or something on Netflix. But at the time we set it up, we only found one keyboard that fit our needs the Logitech K400. A wireless keyboard that connects with the computer so we can easily control it. This spring Logitech released their new Harmony Smart Keyboard, and Best Buy sent me one to review.

Logitech Harmony Keyboard

So what’s the biggest difference between the Harmony Smart Keyboard and the K400? At first appearance not much, the layout is pretty much the same, the buttons are the same (with the exception of smart keys for connected devices) and even the on and off switch and layout are the same. But overall the Harmony Smart Keyboard is a bit heavier. It also has a grit feeling or texture to the surface which makes it feel more secure in your hands. The Harmony does still pick up oils from your fingers, even with the new texture.

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard

But the Harmony Smart Keyboard comes with the Harmony Hub. And unlike the K400 you can’t just plug in the keyboard and it will start working (or at least it did not for us). Instead you have to connect both the Hub and the Keyboard via USB to your PC to get it to work. But other than that little hiccup, the system was completely plug and play.

The purpose of the Hub? To make the system connect with all of your devices. Not just a computer, but it helps make your Roku, Apple TV and other smart devices like your Xbox 360, work with a keyboard. Have you ever tried to type on  Roku, it’s still the search and peck method and takes forever with the remote. Now, connected through the hub you can easily search for your shows, use a remote or whatever you want to get to your latest show.

Logitech Harmony Keyboard

The best part of the Logitech Harmony Keyboard and Harmony Hub system? You can download an app on your smart phone (both android and iPhone) and have a universal remote right at your fingertips! How cool is that? Quick and easy.

The Logitech Harmony Keyboard is so much more than the K400 and a welcome update to home theater system lovers. You can find the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard at your local Best Buy. Make the easy connection between your entertainment, smart phone and your computer.

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