Connect Everything with Bluetooth with a Kinivo BTD300

Kinivo BTD300 review

Kinivo BTD300 reviewWhen my laptop began to die last year, I made sure I had the basics I need. I couldn’t afford a ton of fancy features that some of the more expensive laptops offered, and with an office full of Bluetooth devices – it’d be nice if I had something that would work with that. However, my budget didn’t allow me to get function on my new machine. Instead of handing over another few hundred dollars for all of the features I wanted, Kinivo sent me one of their BTD300 USB Adapters.

Kinivo BTD300 reviewLike your other USB controllers, the BTD300 is a tiny USB connector you plug into the side of your machine. It’s just about the same size as the connector for my mouse and doesn’t take up a ton of space. What it does however is enables my laptop to talk to my Bluetooth headsets, my phone and even the printer and scanners in the house, (a good internet connection is good for all devices to run smoothly so just ask google to do an ‘internet speed test’). It allows me to wirelessly send data, and connect without the huge price bump.

So far I’ve used the BTD300 to connect my laptop with my favorite headphones. I can listen to music and watch movies while I work without disturbing the household. With a range of 30 feet, I can step away and finish things in the kitchen and still hear crystal clear music while I’m working. And for only $10, the Kinivo BTD300 is the perfect stocking stuffer to help upgrade your laptop or other devices without adding special equipment or paying a huge price bump.


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