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community coffee review

community coffee reviewWe live in a world where there is a gourmet coffee shop on every street corner. While it’s a nice convenience, the cost isn’t always friendly on our budgets. That’s why when I’m running out the door to work, or need an extra boost as I go I use my Keurig to get some warm and tasty coffee on the go. Besides having a larger amount of options already on hand, I like being able to choose what flavor I want that day.

community coffee review

Community Coffee sent me a couple boxes of their single serve gourmet coffee pods to try out and use in my home brewer. They’re a brand known for making some of the best tasting coffee out there, and have done it for four generations, but now their flavors have been brought to the single serving cup size.

When I was in college, I would drink any black tar type of coffee you could get anywhere. But as I’ve gotten older, I like a more mellow flavor and not the overly bitter or burnt flavor that a lot of the coffee houses claim to be their “signature taste”. Making my coffee at home gives me the the chance to make sure my coffee is just how I want it, and isn’t overly sweet or bitter. When we tried the Community Coffee Cafe special -and it was a smooth and full bodied coffee flavor. The French Roast – was a bit deeper and had the sweetness I looked for without adding any other sweeteners to it. Both were deep and not bitter – and quickly found a place in our coffee rotation.

Sometimes I still fall back on running to the coffee shop on my way out the door, but more often than not I’ll be hitting our brewer. So far we haven’t had a disappointing flavor from Community Coffee, so their flavors will find a permanent place in our coffee maker and cabinets.

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