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There isn’t a household in Metro-Detroit that doesn’t know someone who has fallen on hard times, lost a job or had to downsize due to the crash of the auto market a few years back. Even after years in college, my dream job was snatched away by the down turned market. I’m lucky enough to have been able to make my own path, but not everyone is that lucky. Thankfully there are places throughout Detroit and Michigan that can assist those in need in the community.

Comcast Cares Michigan

This weekend I took a bit of time to stop by one of the several Comcast Cares events held by Comcast of Michigan. Starting on April 21st and running until April 29th, Comcast of Michigan is hosting their 13th Annual “Comcast Cares” event throughout the state of Michigan. Around 3000 volunteers made up of Comcast employees, friends, families and local community groups get together to help make positive changes in our communities. Each volunteer donates around 4 hours of their time, totaling about 10,000 hours of free time to non-profits that can help their local communities in return. With events happening from Lansing, Jackson, Muskegon, Detroit and several other communities throughout Michigan the impact is huge and a great starting point for more positive change.

Comcast Cares MichiganChris from Detroit Rescue Mission

The event we stopped at in Detroit was being held at the Detroit Rescue Mission, a non-profit that is multi-faceted and has a huge impact. Comcast Cares volunteers included employees and members of the Chaldean Community Foundation, who gathered together to help with several kick start different projects for the organization including:

  • Helping to sort donations for their store, which allows community members to “shop” for free.
  • Making care packages of health and beauty donations for the organization
  • Sort linen donations that were donated to be given back to community members in need.
  • Serving meals at a local soup kitchen
  • Painting outdoor items
  • Cleaning up outdoor spaces

While each item may seem small in the long run the hours donated by all of the volunteers make a huge difference in how the Detroit Rescue Mission runs, and how they can help more people throughout our community.

The Detroit Rescue Mission also helps educate community members, provide a place for them break harmful habits, provides jobs, homes as well as items for those in need. They are always accepting donations of items (of all types), homes and even financial donations. Not sure if they take your items? Feel free to call them and find out! You can even arrange a pick of items from your location anywhere in Michigan. Any items or funds donated will go to a community member in need. Together we can help each other grow and thrive!


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