Coloring Books that Every Disney Lover Wants

disney art of coloring coloring books

disney art of coloring coloring books

We all have our favorite Disney characters, it doesn’t matter how old we are. And while there are plenty of great books and coloring books for kids – it’s hard to find similar items for adults. But Disney fans, don’t despair! Disney has released some of their new Art of Coloring coloring books for adults including Mickey & Minnie and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

mickey mouse coloring bookDisney sent us a copy of both of the new Art of Coloring books, and each contains over 100 images to color and add your own spin to the images with your favorite characters. We found immediately that the 100 images weren’t just small doodles with a lot of white space around them. Each of the Art of Coloring books is around 1/4″ thick and the 100 images are full spreads with multiple different images on each layout for you to color. In the Mickey & Minnie Art of Coloring book  many of older drawings based on posters and animations.

nightmare before Christmas coloring bookWhen you go through The Art of Coloring The Nightmare Before Christmas coloring book, you find your favorite characters in scenes from the movie and macabre elements making patterns throughout. The details in both books are amazing and the amount of coloring space and patterns will keep you busy for weeks.

There are so many Art of Coloring books for Disney characters and others out there, but they’re the going to be a huge hit with anyone who loves to color. They go beyond a regular coloring book and bring in the detail that artistic and creative people look for, while including their favorite characters from Disney!

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