Colorforms are Back in Your Kid’s Favorite Characters

colorforms review

colorforms reviewMy sister and I could probably be poster children for the 80’s. We had every toy out there, and I’m sure we drove our parents nuts until we got them (sorry Mom and Dad!) And through the years, we’ve held onto several of those treasures. There were some of our favorite toys we play with until we destroyed them or lost all of the pieces, one of those being our Colorforms. I don’t remember which characters we had or which sets exactly, but I do remember that sensation of peeling and sticking our shapes on and off the playscape it came with.

colorforms reviewAlthough many toys from our childhood are coming back, some of them aren’t exactly like we remember them. Thankfully that is one thing that Colorforms maintained – the same nostalgic feel when you play with them. I was thrilled when I saw that Colorforms was still around this summer, and even more so when they sent me some of their new toys to test out and play with. When we were kids, at least what I remember, Colorforms only came in one size. Now however, you can get Colorforms¬†in regular size to play and stick anywhere on the playscape, a travel car version or even a Big Wall version that comes with a large background to stick on your wall and even larger characters. Each set comes with multiple licensed character stickers and even¬†different backgrounds to play with the characters on.

colorforms reviewWith the sets we were sent, I was able to help introduce a friend’s children to Colorforms, and a new way for imaginative play. Colorforms are a fun tactile way to play and it helps kid with hand and eye coordination to put the characters where they want as well as remove them from the backgrounds. And with the backgrounds and characters being separate it allows kids an open play space to create their own story. There’s really no wrong way to play with the characters, the set allows their imagination to rule the story line.

colorforms reviewAs a kid I always loved playing with Colorforms because they let you play with your favorite characters. But as an adult, I definitely see the appeal to the toy since they only stick to the backgrounds they come with and can be reused over and over again. There is no residue on the stickers so they wont leave a sticky mess on your kids or anything they touch, and they also wont pick up every crumb or bit of pet hair on the floor. I completely understand why parents would love this toy as well.

colorforms reviewAs far as the nostalgic feel for kids of the 80’s? Colorforms feel, smell and work the same as they did when we were kids. You may actually find yourself playing with your kids and continuing on their stories after they’ve gone to sleep. They currently have sets with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney Princesses, Frozen, Doc McStuffins and even Marvel characters like Spiderman. There’s a character for every kid, and it’s easy to play with these fun sets even on the go. I’m glad Colorforms haven’t changed a ton since we were kids, and they’re continuing on the imaginative play that made us fall in love with them.


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