Color and Play Peanuts House – Color Your Way to Fun!

peanuts playhouse review

Color and Play Peanuts House

We’ve all heard the joke that all little kids need is the box and not the present inside. And I have to admit that I remember playing with cardboard as a kid. Your imagination could go wild, and you could create awesome worlds with it. In the past couple years, we’ve seen some great creations made out of cardboard that our little ones can build, decorate and have fun in.

This year we were sent the Color and Play Peanuts House to review – and Goonie wanted it assembled right away! Just like us, he’s a big fan of the Peanuts gang, so he was excited to see Snoopy and Woodstock right there on the house. Other Peanuts characters were all around the house too!

Color and Play Peanuts House

The Color and Play Peanuts House all comes in one box that is pretty heavy when you first get it. But when you remove the house from the box you see why – the whole house in there! It stands about 5 feet tall when completely constructed. It has everything from doors and windows that open, a roof, gables and even a chimney. It doesn’t take very long to assemble, and all you need to provide is something to color with and some imagination.

Color and Play Peanuts House

A couple quick notes for assembling the house – don’t stand inside and try to build it from there. The Color & Play Peanuts House is meant for kids and you will get stuck! You will not be able to fit out of the door, and finding your way out can be entertaining for everyone around you.

Once your Color and Play Peanuts House is assembled your little one can go wild and decorate it! It’s a great way to introduce smaller kids to Peanuts in a fun and creative way.

Now, getting Goonie to smile on cue isn’t always as easy as we’d like! But despite him being serious in the picture he loved the Color and Play Peanuts House. He couldn’t wait to get inside and wanted to color everything right away.

You can find the Color & Play Peanuts House at your local CVS for $19.99. Your little one will love it this holiday season!

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