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CLR Cleaners Review & Giveaway! 

CLR Cleaners

CLR sent me a variety of their cleaners to try out and review. The cleaners range from Mold & Mildew remover, Stain Magnet, and Bath & Kitchen cleaner. All great for your weekly chores or even those big holiday tasks.

I started to put them to the test around the house. The stain magnet worked great on helping remove any of stains left by the cats on the floor rugs. It was easy to spray, wait and scrub out any of the stain. My next chore was to clean the bathroom. The CLR Bath & Kitchen cleaner has a light and fresh smell, not a heavy chemical scent like may other cleaners. A quick clean of the bathroom and the sink and faucet were shining brightly. The house is shining clean, all from the help of the CLR cleaners. They made my daily chores easier and the house just that much cleaner.

After the house was clean I did test out one more product CLR sent me – Tarn-X, their jewelry cleaner! I used it on my rings, my necklace and earrings and everything is sparkling like it was brand new. All of the CLR products were easy to use and left my house and jewelry sparkling. There is an added bonus as well, their products are designed to be environmentally friendly!

Are you getting ready to start doing those deep cleanings before the holidays? CLR is giving one of my readers some of their products to help their house sparkle and shine! Read how you can enter to win below!

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what your biggest cleaning challenge is when you get ready for the holidays! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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103 thoughts on “CLR Cleaners Review & Giveaway! 

  1. Cleaning the bathrooms is a HUGE JOB at my house,especially when company is coming! But it has to get done. 🙂

  2. My biggest challenge is getting the WHOLE house clean at the same time! Usually by the time I finish one room and move on, the first room is messy again.

  3. My biggest challenge is putting away decorative things and getting out the holiday decor. Cleaning as I go, both the things put away and the new things and all surfaces.

  4. we are taking the carpet up in our living room, and found that we have pretty nice hardwood floor under it, getting this done will be nice

  5. My biggest job is getting everything really cleaned before family comes for the holidays. With 6 kids always making a mess I stay busy.

  6. oh my. my biggest challenge is the spare bathroom (kids bathroom) wow i have a problem keeping the mold from between the tiles so when i do clean it i have to seriously scrub, and for some reason the kids toilet is the worst toilet i have ever seen for dirty.

  7. my biggest cleaning challenge has to be the kitchen. When the holidays come everyone is in the kitchen trying to cook for the entire family. the masa for the tamales gets on the floor and on the table cloth, dishes pile up, the stove gets super messy. Oh gosh, if only we had a maid for the holidays lol

  8. Well, my biggest challenge is just getting rid of clutter, but after that it’s cleaning carpets and upholstery. I have five dogs and three cats…..

  9. My biggest challenge when cleaning for the holidays is hard water stains in the tubs and sinks.

  10. my biggest challenge is getting everything to STAY clean, with 3 kids it seems as soon as I get one thing done another is trashed!

  11. We have hard water so everything gets stained. Despite all the scrubbing my toilet still has hard water stains in it. It’s very frustrating.

  12. My biggest cleaning challenge before the holidays are the hard water stains that come with living in the country with a well that has some of the hardest water Ive ever encountered lol

  13. Making sure there isn’t any rust stains on my ceramic tub and sink is the biggest challenge before people come over for the holidays.

  14. My fridge!! Inside and out and my bath tub!! I would love to find some thg to cut the grease in kitchen but do in the bathroom to.

  15. My biggest challenge is cleaning out all of my cabinets because I hate emptying them first. I try to do it every couple of months to keep things fresh, but it is definitely a hassle for me. I really don’t mind cleaning otherwise.

  16. My biggest cleaning challenge as I get ready for the holidays are the bathrooms. The sink, tub/shower and especially the toilet. I want everything to be fresh and clean in there. Everyone feels most comfortable using their own bathrooms. I want them to not mind it so much at my house.

  17. My biggest cleaning challenge is my clear glass shower doors! I get ready for the holidays at the VERY LAST MINUTE!

  18. My least favorite, perhaps most challenging cleaning job before holiday parties, because we have such hard water and I get lots of staining on the porcelain, would be the bathrooms.

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