CLIF Kid Z Bar – the Snack Bar Your Kids Will Ask For in their Lunch Box

clifkid Zbar filled review

clifkid Zbar filled reviewKids are full of energy, there is no denying that. But after a long day in the classroom or full of activities they hit that lull just like we do. We want them to not only have the energy they need but also the nutrition they need as well. And this fall, as school activities and sports ramp up we have a great option to keep in their lunch box or in the car for while you’re on the go – CLIF Kid ZBars.

CLIF sent us two of their organic Zbar filled flavors to try out – Banana filled with chocolate peanut butter and chocolate filled with peanut butter. The baked energy snacks are organic, but do contain nuts, soy and often gluten ingredients as well. But the CLIF Kids Zbars are a bit different than any other energy bar on the market. They don’t taste like regular energy bars with that aftertaste that a lot of people hate. Instead, the bars taste like a cookie and they have a surprise inside.

The small size means they’re easy to toss in your bag and to have on hand, plus they can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Your kids wont fight enjoying the delicious flavors of the bars, and you’ll be happy to give them the fuel they need to make it through their busy days.


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