e-cloth review

Clean with Only Water with the e-cloth Cleaning System

e-cloth review

When you clean your house do you enjoy the “clean” smell afterwards? For us, we’re not always a fan of smelling chemicals, especially if they’re overwhelming. But the thoughts of what the chemicals are doing to you if you breath them in, or touch them later isn’t one I enjoy. There are some cleaners I use in the house, and I am devoted to. But the most touched surfaces I like to keep chemical as well as bacteria free. This is where e-cloth comes into our cleaning routine, and all we need to clean the house is water (which is also great on our budget!)

e-cloth reviewe-cloth sent us their Chemical-free clean stater set as well as their floor duster. We have tested out other chemical-free cleaning cloths and in the past, but e-cloth has two things we haven’t seen in any of their competitors – a floor cleaner system and a mirror cloth! All of the e-cloth products are also chemical free. Instead of filling their products with chemicals, their cloths are actually made of a unique fiber technology that has 3.1 million fibers per square inch that help collect and trap the bacteria and grime. The e-cloths reduce bacteria up to 99% with their micro-fiber technology.

e-cloth reviewCleaning with the e-cloth system is simple, you just run the rag under water, ring out the extra and clean your surface. You and follow with the glass cloth to give any item a beautiful bacteria free shine. For me, I loved not having to pull out the smelly glass cleaner to do the mirrors in the bathrooms and the bedroom. It left a streak free shine on the mirror and took care of all of the spots on the mirror with very little scrubbing.

e-cloth reviewWhile all of the cleaning cloths worked wonderfully and left clean surfaces that I wasn’t afraid to put items down on – my absolute favorite item was the floor duster. With a little water, the mop head went from tile to wood floor and got up all of the messes on the floor. The floor shined beautifully after I was done and it was lightweight and didn’t have the restriction of having a cord on a steam mop.

The house wasn’t filled with chemical smells, the surfaces shine even days later and all of the cloths and mop head just went into the wash. All of the e-cloth cleaning products can be washed up to 300 times and still clean effectively. I love how easy they are to use and the clean house I had after using e-cloth.


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