Clean Kitchen Messes Easier with Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

mean green antibacterial cleaner review

mean green antibacterial cleaner reviewIf I’m not behind the keyboard or on campus, chances are you’ll find me in the kitchen. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house, and keeping it clean and ready to go is always a priority for me. But there are days where I spend the whole day in the kitchen and my counters take the brunt of the abuse as I switch from prepping dinner to canning and even making cupcakes. Since our house came with granite counter tops, I’m always worried about what I use on them, but still want a safe counter top to work on. Thankfully Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner is strong enough to work on my sealed counters but also to keep away all of the gross germs.

mean green antibacterial cleaner reviewToday was one of those days, I’ve spent more time standing in the kitchen than I did behind the keyboard. Besides preparing meals and baking cupcakes (of course), today was our Zaycon Chicken pick up day. That means I had 40 lbs of chicken to clean up and package away into freezer safe bags to use later. No matter what I try, the juice in the bags and from cutting the chicken will get on my counters. Which means a lot of time cleaning them after the fact. With the Mean Green Anti-Bacterial spray I just spray it on and wipe it down. Not only does it kill any of the bacteria left over by the raw chicken, but it leaes my sealed counters shining just how I like them.

mean green antibacterial cleaner reviewOne of the hardest things for me in the kitchen is make sure those counters stay clean. The high gloss shine on the counters can reflect beautifully when clean, but they show any crumbs easily – which still amazes me! And if you don’t use the right cleaner, you can actually feel all of the crumbs on top of the gloss – which drives me insane. Thankfully a quick clean and wipe down of the Mean Green Anti-bacterial spray and the counter is not only super reflective and clean, but smooth to the touch.

mean green antibacterial cleaner reviewAnd as my schedule gets busier, sometimes the simple things in the kitchen get away from me, like cleaning the stove top. Earlier this month we had a stick of butter placed too close to the stove top melted on a burner and has been doing nothing but melting onto the stove and creating more of a mess. With the other messes on the stove top, mean green antibacterial cleaner reviewI expected cleaning it all up would be take a lot more time and a lot of scrubbing. Instead the Mean Green Anti-Bacterial spray made it as easy as just wiping the mess away with paper towel. The more baked on messes did take a little more scrubbing, but I didn’t need to break out any cleaning pads or hard sponges.

I’m always making a mess in the kitchen. I actually make more messes than I do food, but at least with Mean Green by my side I know it will be clean after I’m done. It helps with the smallest messes, to the harder ones that could make your family ill. And my favorite part – it makes my granite look amazing!


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