Clean Your Kitchen with Ease with Ecosential Natural Cleaners

ecosential cleaners review

ecosential cleaners reviewAs much time as I spend in the kitchen, I like leaving it clean and ready to use the next day or our next meal. That means dishes washed and put away and the counter cleared. We more than doubled the counter space we had when we moved into this house last year, and upgraded materials by quite a lot. So, I like to make sure that everything looks nice, and is safe for us to use for cooking and food prep. We’re always looking for natural cleaners, and have found some that don’t measure up to our standards. But Electrolux sent me their line of Ecosential natural cleaners to try in the kitchen, and not only did it clean our kitchen as well as its harsh chemical counterparts – but it did it without much effort.

ecosential cleaners reviewEcosential cleaners by Smart Choice have three different varieties, all geared for different tasks in your kitchen. The cleaners tackle your stainless steel, smooth cooktop and kitchen surface and ovens. While the bottles have their general categories they cover, each can actually clean a lot more than name says, and there are images at the bottom that show you more options.

ecosential cleaners reviewWhenever I test a new kitchen cleaner, I like to make sure our white stove top is actually messy. While I’d rather it was clean all the time, sometimes life gets in the way and it can get messy a lot quicker than I’d like. The Smooth Cooktop cleaner just sprayed on and I could wipe up the majority of the messes on the stove top. There were some more stubborn stains on there that will require more soaking, but if things stuck at all I just added a touch more cleaner and it came up easily. I actually didn’t use much more than the cleaner and paper towel.

ecosential cleaners reviewOnce the stove top was shining, the next step was to tackle a few of the small appliances. We don’t have a ton of stainless steel in our kitchen, but we have the Wolf Gourmet toaster that sits next to the stove (and sometimes a little too close). Because of it’s proximity to a work surface, it’s been covered in food splatters and finger prints. For a toaster that costs more than my car payment – I don’t like having it that way, so it was time for a good cleaning. ecosential cleaners reviewThe Ecosential Stainless Steel cleaner worked just like the cooktop cleaner – simply spray on and wipe off. Some of the smudges required a little more scrubbing but in just minutes the toaster was shining like it did when I took it out of the box.
With the stove and toaster now looking top of shape it was time to tackle the rest of the kitchen. Now, I’m very pick on what cleaner I use on our counter top since I want the seal to last a long time, so I was happy to see the Ecosential Kitchen Surface and Oven cleaner was granite safe. Again, it was as simple as spray and wipe away. ecosential cleaners reviewTougher spots just required a little more cleaner and it wiped up anything that was on the counter with out much effort on my part. The counter top started to shine with almost a mirror like surface when I was done cleaning. Some areas, while looking clean had almost a gritty feeling so I used the cleaner again and that left quickly. My only thought was it was left over dirt that didn’t quite get wiped away. The Kitchen Surface cleaner actually is safe for other appliance surfaces and even your microwave. It was so easy cleaning out the microwave with a few sprays of the cleaner and a quick wipe down.

ecosential cleaners reviewI was impressed at how easy it was to clean our several surfaces in the kitchen with the Ecosential cleaners. Besides doing a fantastic job cleaning with all natural ingredients, there was one other thing I loved about the cleaners – they are unscented! Finding cleaners at all that are unscented is hard enough, but ones using natural ingredients as well is almost unheard of. The Ecosential cleaners did a remarkable job, and I love how many different things I can use just one cleaner on.

You can find Ecosential cleaners online, but you’ll find it near the appliance sections of larger stores if you want to buy it at a store. They help you get the clean surfaces you expect, without exposing your family to toxic chemicals, and can make that pre-holiday party cleaning a breeze!


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