Cinderella Comes to Blu-Ray and DVD!

disney cinderella review

disney cinderella reviewLike most little girls, when I was little I use to play dress up and pretend I was a princess. I always loved the Disney Princesses, and sat watching the movies until my parents were probably sick of them. Now, Disney is taking all of our favorite fairy tales, and filming them live action. The latest in the series is Cinderella, featuring┬áCate Blanchett, Lily James, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter, Nonso Anozie. The live action Cinderella is the story we’re use to but shot with stunning effects and great acting.

We were sent a copy of Disney Cinderella before it hits the shelves to check out and review. We weren’t able to make it to the theater to see Cinderella, but I was excited to watch the movie when it got here. the story is the one we’ve known for years, a young girl is orphaned and left in the care of her step-mother and two step sisters. In this version of the tale, Ella meets a young man while riding horses named Kit. What Ella doesn’t know is Kit is actually the prince and is quickly head over heels for her. You will find the story familiar but with some different twists, and without the bloody moments you could expect from the Grimm Brother’s version. With spectacular special effects, Cinderella was a great movie to watch and fall in love with.

Cinderella will be available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD on September 15th. It has a total run time of 105 minutes and is rated G. With the short Frozen Fever included, this will quickly become a family favorite.


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