Chuggington: Snow Rescue Now on DVD #Christmascountdown

Chuggington Snow Rescue Review
Chuggington Snow Rescue Review

We spend the holiday season with the ones we love, however for our little ones it can be a little confusing. Their regular schedule and shows aren’t on, but they still want what they’re use to seeing and watching. Last week there was a new release that is perfect addition to the holiday season and can help your little ones watch some of their favorite characters on their schedule.

Chuggington: Snow Rescue is the newest set of adventure of Chuggington and his team, with five full episodes and even bonus features it’s a fun new collection of familiar characters. The episodes include holiday lights,

freezing fog, and lessons on safety. It is a fun collection for any of your train lovers and Chuggington fans.

Chuggington Snow Rescue is now on DVD, and has a total run time of 64 minutes. Episodes included on the DVD are:

  1. Snow Rescue Special
  2. Iron Chuggers
  3. Deputy Chug Patrollers
  4. Movie Maker Brewster
  5. Toot’s Tall Tale

Bonus Features:

  1. Badge Quest Episode: Wilson’s Winter Feed
  2. Character Montages: Fletch, Cormac and Tyne
  3. Coloring and Activity Sheets

You can find Chuggington Snow Rescue on Amazon and at stores near you. It’s perfect for the little engineer in your life!

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