Christmas Ornaments for the Foodie in Your Life #Christmascountdown

Kitchen themed ornaments
Rsvp International Christmas Ornaments Review
I know finding the right present for everyone is sometimes hard to do. Especially if you know they like a certain thing, but you’re not sure what to get them. Sometimes it’s just a small thing that can mean a lot – like an ornament that matches their interests. That’s why I love these ornaments that are not only beautiful but they’re perfect for the Foodie in your life!

Rsvp International Christmas Ornaments Review

RSVP International sent me their holiday ornament set. The twelve piece set is made up of traditional holiday shapes as well as some that are not as expected. Each ornament is nickle plated brass and some are textured with textures, others are pierced. The two sided ornaments don’t stick a lot, and have a red fabric ribbon to hang them from your tree. Shapes include trees (two), hearts (two), stars (two) a bell, a martini mixer, a pot, a colander, a tea pot and martini glass. It’s a mixture of tradition and kitchen to hang on your tree!

Rsvp International Christmas Ornaments Review

The ornaments are made out of metal and are two pieces fixed together. There weren’t any sharp edges on my ornaments, and between the two pieces is a small air gap. The red fabric cord was a little long for my cut out tree, but for traditional branches it will work perfect. If they still prove to be too long you can always wrap them around once and then slide them on the branch. Besides them being red, I like the cord to hang the ornaments instead of the traditional metal hooks. They are less likely to break, and wont hurt as bad if you step on them! And with  my stark white tree the red and silver pop out really well – although the lack of dimension on the tree caused it’s own issues.
Rsvp International Christmas Ornaments Review

Rsvp International Christmas Ornaments Review

I love the different shapes in the set and the variety of textures. Each one catches the light differently. The shapes are fun and can work with traditional designs or for a food themed tree or space. I know there are so many friends you can think of that work well with different shapes or you can associate with them. Just think how they’ll light up when you add on the twinkle lights!

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