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Christmas Countdown – Day 4: Everyone – Charitable Donation!

LMS Ribbon
If you don’t know what to get your friends or family member consider making a donation in their name. These last few days before the holidays I’m going to feature a charity you can consider making a donation to!

Today’s featured Charity: The National LeioMyoSarcoma Foundation. This is a charity that is near and dear to my heart. My mother was diagnosed with LeioMyoSarcoma in 2003. We are thankful that they were able to get clear margins and she has had no sign of the disease since.

“Leiomyosarcoma is a rare form of cancer, which affects about four people in every million. It spreads through the blood stream and can affect the lungs, liver, blood vessels or any other soft tissue in the body. Presently there is no cure, only remission if it can be attained, and this rare cancer can reappear anywhere and at any time. Because of its rarity, few doctors know how to treat it and it attracts little research.”Consider donating to a charity that means something to you!

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