Choosing A Solid Vehicle For Rural Living

Choosing A Solid Vehicle For Rural Living

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An escape to the country can sound ideal, but it does come with a few important preparations you have to make. We know that we might need to purchase a weatherproof coat and strong walking boots, but it’s also important to consider your vehicle and how that might work for your daily living. This is especially true if you hope to run a smallholding or farm in any capacity, or simply make use of the land you might now be in possession of.

Not only is it important to choose a vehicle that can maintain the stresses of the rural land, but can also protect itself from the dangers therein. Of course, it can also be that you want all of this without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege, as this may not be your daily driver to conduct affairs in towns or cities.

Let us consider what the criteria you could look for might be:


4×4 driving is well known to be more suitable for off-road driving. It’s important to consider how you might ascend steep roads, or descend them well without harming your engine. A 4×4 vehicle can be a great option. It can also provide much more traction for if you need to drag a trailer, a horse box or some other heavy equipment around your land. On top of that, these vehicles can often drive through steep water. We would certainly recommend considering a vehicle such as this, like well-maintained Land Rover Defender or another of a similar type. While it might not be the best for your fuel economy, the reliability and security you’ll feel driving around a rural environment, particularly when off-road, is immeasurable.

Safety Measures

It can be an excellent idea to choose a car that can support itself should you be in trouble. Fields can often be flooded, or land can slide, or fords can be hard to cross through. These are just some examples that could lead to your car being stuck, or worse, damaged. It’s important to find methods around these issues. For that, we might recommend using Warn Winches & Hoists, but also finding a vehicle that can implement this kind of specialist protection. Tyre shields, engine ventilation and a range of other benefits can be worthwhile to consider as safety measures too, depending on your level of daily use and what purposes you use it for.


Choosing a vehicle you can maintain well is important when rural living. This is because there’s every chance harder conditions can mean a need for added repair. We would recommend choosing a car with parts you can find from many dealers, not only the manufacturer. If you can do this, then you not only save yourself plenty of money, but also time should an issue arise. With a little knowledge and practical application (that can often be found online,) you should find much added convenience.

With these tips, we hope you’re better able to find the perfect car for rural living.


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