Choose Serious Flavor with Java Factory Choconut

java factory choconut kcups review

java factory choconut kcups review

Sometimes, life can be too serious. I think that is the realization we’re all facing today, no matter what side of the election you fell. We all stayed up too late, we all had to be up too early. And this morning there were some very serious conversations waiting for us. But it’s time to break that cycle, enjoy a warm cup of coffee and do something to make you smile.

java factory choconut kcups reviewThis month, Java Factory sent me a box of their Choconut coffee to try out. As we got ready to go vote well before the sun came up, I cracked open the box to get a couple kcups and get ready to go. I was greeted with 40 pods of delicious smelling coffee to make, but also a couple other surprises! The first thing I grabbed was a bag and I was a bit confused and opened the box more. What I found was a card and a bag of moustached glasses! (more on those later). The laugh was needed and I had to instantly put them on.

java factory choconut kcups reviewAfter brewing our coffees for our wait in line, we added a bit of sugar and were out the door. The Choconut kcups flavors reminded me a lot of a hot cocoa with bit of a kick. The flavor of coconut wasn’t overpowering and just added a bit of tropic fun to the coffee. The flavor reminded me a bit of a coffee version of an Almond Joy, which is one of my absolute favorites.

The Choconut kcups instantly became a favorite for both of us and the box is already starting to dwindle. And let’s not forget the fun inside the box. The coffee has some serious flavor, but life doesn’t have to be super serious. I almost wore the glasses to my voting location with my crazy morning hair, but figured it was best to be a bit more serious.

Right now Java Factory Roasters is using their funny glasses as a way fans can win even more coffee!

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